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Snack Shack COVID Response

The ASHS Snack Shack (canteen) and P&C along with ASHS Principal Jenny Firth, have developed a plan in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) to support and protect our school community. The read this document, click here.

2020 - New Technologies Classroom

Our new Technology classroom space, Tech 2, is the result of combining the seminar room with the old photography room. To read more about this wonderful space, head to our Technologies website page.

2020 - School Board

To learn about our 2020 School Board Members, click here.

2020 - Year 7 and 8 Indonesian Cooking Challenge

During Term 1, Mr Wilson extended an Indonesian cooking challenge to all Year 7 and 8 Language students for the April holidays. With support from parents, they were given ideas where to find information on Indonesian cooking, and also where to buy ingredients in Albany. Click here to keep reading.  

2020 - Garden Maintenance

Students enjoyed the sunny weather while tidying the school garden.  To read more and see pics, click here.

2020 - P.A.R.T.Y Program

On the 3 March 2020, the Year 12 General Health Studies class were fortunate enough to go to the Albany Hospital to attend the P.A.R.T.Y Program. To read about their experience and see photos, click here.

2020 - Clean Up Australia Day

Albany SHS Cleans Up!  Students at Albany Senior High School had their eyes opened to the many ways of reducing waste during Clean Up Australia Day activities. To learn more about their commitment, head to our School Events page on our website.

2020 - Solar Car Challenge

On Thursday 12 March 2020, some talented students entered the STAWA SYNERGY Solar Car Challenge at North Albany Senior High School. To see how our ASHS students performed, click here.

2020 - Swimming Carnival

The 2020 ASHS Swimming Carnival took place on Thursday, 12 March with approximately 100 students in attendance. To see who was victorious, click here.

2020 - Year 10 Cemetery Walk

As part of the History unit some Year 10s are completing, students visited the Albany Memorial Cemetery to investigate it as a source of historical information. To follow their journey, head to our page.

2020 - Year 10 General Science - Fermentation

This term our NON-ATAR bound Year 10 Science students have been concentrating on safe laboratory practices and the process of fermentation. To see some of their tasty results and read more, click here.

2020 - Year 9 Noongar Cultural Excursion

All Year 9 students participated in learning more about local Aboriginal culture. It started at the Albany Noongar Centre where local elder, Harley Coyne introduced the day and handed over to brother, Lester Coyne to ‘Welcome Students to Country’. To read the full story, head to our page.

2020 - Year 9 and 10 Corndarup Art Project

On Thursday, 19 March 2020, a small group of Albany Senior High School Year 9 and 10 students presented their resolved artworks from the 2019 Term 4 Corndarup Art Extension Project. To read the report and see photos, click here.

2020 - Bonnie Hicks Book Donation

The late Bonnie Hicks, who is the donor of the Humanities and Social Science Award, donated some great books for our students to benefit from. To see the list of books, head over to our page.

2020 - Year 7 Camp - Chaplain's Report

Our Chaplain was able to spend a few days hanging out with a wonderful bunch of Year 7 students at Camp Kennedy. To find out about how wonderful her experience was, click here.

2020 - International Women's Day

We celebrated International Women's Day as staff with a breakfast hosted by our Chaplain and Year 12 Prefects. To read more, read the article under School Events.

School Blazers

If you have an ASHS school blazer or tie, and are willing to part with it, ASHS will kindly take it off your hands. Donations are stored and loaned to students for special events. If you would like to donate a blazer or tie, please drop them into the Front Office with your contact details.  

2020 - Year 12 Book Donation

If you are interested in donating towards a book prize for our 2020 Year 12 Subject Awards, please contact the Student Liaison Office on 9841 0419 or complete the attached form.

Health & Wellbeing at Home and School

With the transition back into school and some changes in guidelines across the state, you may be noticing the feelings of stress coming up for you. Click here to continue reading and assist you with your Health and Wellbeing at home.

2020 - COVID-19

To help your student cope with the stress during the (COVID-19) outbreak, read the attached document from the World Health Organisation.

First 100 Year Book

The book, Albany Senior High School The First 100 Years 1918 - 2018, is now available for purchase from the Student Liaison Office for $20. If you would like more information email or contact the school on 9841 0444.

Uniform Shop Hours and Secondhand Uniforms

The Albany Senior High School Uniform shop is temporarily closed due to COVID19.  The shop is reopening in Albany in the near future.  To make a purchase during this time, click here and follow the links.  ASHS is also grateful for any secondhand uniforms. These can be dropped into the Front Office.


For options on how to make payments for school fees, charges and contributions, all details are on our Payments page.


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