Help ASHS clean our beaches, and create artwork too

We are participating in the 'Welcoming of the Whales Festival', and Visual Arts needs your help!

We are participating in the 'Welcoming of the Whales Festival' held on Saturday 1 June at Albany’s Historic Whaling Station.
We have a 1-metre mesh Orca sculpture to render the surface with marine debris/ rubbish found on Albany beaches by the end of week 4.
If you are visiting beaches over the next couple of weeks, please collect any cleaned man-made rubbish; fishing line, netting, coffee cups, wrappers, plastic bags etc. and drop it into administration. No organic matter, please!
This gives you the opportunity to not only contribute to finishing the sculpture but also help keep Albany beaches beautiful too.

Stop rubbish from going for a surf

The mesh Orca sculpture we have to render


@ 2019 Albany Senior High School