2020 - US Consul General Visits ASHS

Albany Senior High School students had the pleasure of meeting the United States Consul General David Gainer on his first official visit to Albany. Continue reading to read the article and see images by their Media Affairs Director Hayley Roman.


United States Consul General David Gainer made his first official visit to the city of Albany, 260 miles (420 kilometres) south of Perth, in Western Australia.

Consul General Gainer spent two days in the Great Southern region, meeting with local representatives across government, business, science and community sectors.

“From cooperation in business and research, to art collaborations in Mount Barker, there are many exciting modern day partnerships between the U.S. and the Great Southern,” Consul General Gainer said.

“Our people-to-people connections and shared principles are also important. It was a true delight to meet with Albany Pride during my visit, as well as speak to a fantastic group of students at Albany Senior High School.”

The visit culminated in the Consul General’s participation in the U.S. Submariners Memorial Service at Princess Royal Fortress on August 28. The service honors the American submariners who lost their lives at sea during World War II while defending Australia.

“It is deeply humbling to travel to Albany and pay my respects, in person, at a location so significant to our U.S.-Australia alliance,” Consul General Gainer said.

The visit also provided the opportunity for the Consul General to meet with American citizens in the Great Southern, who form part of the vibrant, local community. He looks forward to returning to the region in the near future.

Consul General Gainer has been in WA since August 2019 and is the most senior U.S. Government representative in the state. The U.S. Consulate General Perth works to grow partnerships between the United States and Western Australia.

Article and images by:
Hayley Roman, Media Affairs Direct, U.S. Consulate General, Perth.


@ 2019 Albany Senior High School