2021 - Year 9 Cultural Excursion

On Monday 8 March, the Year 9 Cohort participated in the annual HASS Cultural Excursion to Mount Manypeaks.

Year 9 Cultural Excursion as written by student Nicky Wright

The Year 9 collective piled onto the buses. Chatter rippled as the doors closed. We were on our way to Lake Pleasant View, Manypeaks. Turns out it was much farther out than we expected! Luckily there were lots of dodgy driving games to pass the time.

The buses lined up as we hopped out onto the damp soil. We were led into a beautiful clearing and were introduced to the land, where we paid our respects. We then split into groups and the adventure really began.

Vernice was my group’s first visit. She taught us how kangaroos fur was used to make coats, and about the native flora and fauna in the area. By this stage, it was drizzling, but we didn’t mind.

We moved onto our next station, we ran willingly with only one thing in mind, the gazebo! Learning about tapping sticks and digging sticks, water carriers and food holders was so interesting that we forgot about the cold.

Dodging puddles whilst learning about native medicine supplied us with amazement and wonder at how the first custodians of this land lived.

By this stage, the rain was coming down hard and fast and we were keen to learn the next step… Hut Building! We soon learned the proper way to cut reeds after our third or fourth sword grass slices.

Sizzling in the distance were sausages, the enticing scent wafting on the air. Huge grins from Larry as we appeared from the bush. He taught us about the ancient art of toolmaking, squeaking when he burnt himself. Laughs echoed across the land.

All too soon it was time for lunch. I think we would all agree they were the most magnificent sausages of our lifetimes.

Our group had archaeology next - who knew things in the ground were so interesting? Uncle Ezard told stories of the stars and the earth. The stories were mesmerising, no-one blinked or breathed. What would happen next?

Racing around the corner was time - we had to go soon. The last of us clambered up the hill to take in the last of the knowledge. The clock ticked as we ran around trying to find three natives and three weeds. The air horn blew and sighs of reluctance came from everyone. Good times must end sometime, right?

The trip home was full of stories and gleaming eyes. We had such an amazing experience and were so lucky to be included in these events.

Thank you's go out to everyone involved, you made it a beautiful day. I don’t think it could’ve been better.


@ 2019 Albany Senior High School