Photography Exhibition

The Mount Baker Wildflower Photography Competition exhibition recently took place, and this year's event made waves not only for showcasing the work of promising student photographers but also for an unexpected winner.

Seven students had their photography entries displayed in the competition, demonstrating their remarkable skills in capturing the beauty of wildflowers. Makayla Mole, Elizabeth Greay, Jareth Turner, Zy Calleja, Chloe Harding, Tristan Maddison, and Devon McKinley earned their spot in the exhibition. We congratulate these students for their outstanding achievements in photography.

However, not everything went smoothly, as the competition's "naughty board" featured two of our images. This is not unusual in such contests, and they were removed because they did not meet the requirements of the landscape category.

One of the most surprising highlights of this year's competition is the victory of Mick Hurdus, one of our cleaners. Mick triumphed in Section 1, which focused on wildflowers. His photography skills have been a hidden gem, and his first-place win serves as a testament to the diverse talents that exist within our community. This unexpected success has garnered praise and admiration from participants and attendees, proving that talent knows no boundaries.

The Mount Baker Wildflower Photography Competition continues to be a platform for both budding photographers and unexpected talents, providing recognition and celebration of the natural beauty of wildflowers.

@ 2023 Albany Senior High School