Gifted & Talented - Year 7

The students of ASHS showcased their exceptional talents and problem-solving skills in the realm of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) over the past two terms. With a focus on chemistry and physics, they have risen to the challenge and demonstrated their innovative thinking.

In term two, the chemistry challenge put the spotlight on water purification. The students were tasked with researching and creating water purifying devices that could be easily applied in remote settings, such as camping. Their ingenuity was tested as they filtered and purified polluted water, assessing its safety for consumption. Not only did they master the science behind water purification, but they also delved into the critical issue of clean drinking water scarcity in disadvantaged regions around the world. The students engaged in insightful discussions about the potential impact of water purifying devices on the health and well-being of those in need.

In term three, the focus shifted to physics, where students took on the challenge of investigating various boat hull designs. They designed and built their own models and conducted tests to evaluate speed, drag, and stability. This hands-on approach allowed them to explore the advantages and disadvantages of different hull designs, gaining practical insights into physics.

The ASHS gifted and talented science students have not only met these STEM challenges with enthusiasm but have also excelled in their creative problem-solving and application of scientific principles. Their dedication to these projects reflects their potential as future innovators and critical thinkers.

These students continue to inspire us with their passion for STEM, and we look forward to witnessing their future accomplishments and contributions to science and technology.

@ 2023 Albany Senior High School