2023 Athletics Carnival

The ASHS Athletics Carnival was held on the last day of October. The weather, of course, was not kind in the morning, prompting the high jump events to be relocated to the gym. Luckily, it cleared up and turned into a lovely, mild, sunny day.

Prior to the carnival, each year group competed in the pre-carnival events of discus, triple jump and the 1500 metres, so houses had already gained points. The standard athletics events ran as well as a selection of novelty events, with the tug-of-war being particularly popular.

Fourteen new records were set or equalled on the day, including one previously set in 1974. Keely (Laing) broke the Year 10 Shotput record by 39 cm, putting the shot 9.40 metres. Congratulations, Keely!

Mabel (Collins) now holds seven records across various events, five of which were set this year, and Te Paea (Collins) has all the female turbo javelin records from Year 7 to Year 10. Impressive efforts, girls.

The day's last event is now set aside for the ASHS Gift. It is a handicap race where the fastest male and female 100 metre runner in each year's group race against one another in a staggered start, depending on their personal 100 metre time. This year's winner was William (Year 8), who started off 90 metres. He narrowly held off Lucy (Year 8), starting off 86 metres to become the 2023 ASHS Gift Champion.

All had a great day. Well done to all the students who dressed up or wore their house colours and had a go on the day. Participation is what it is all about. Congratulations to all year champions and Collins House for winning their sixth carnival in a row and eighth in the last decade. They are the powerhouse of athletics.

House totals

   1st – Collins 5393
   2nd – Laing 4989
   3rd – Reedy 4609
   4th – Sloman 3553

Year Champions

Year 7 Female
     Champion – Ruby (L) 191 pts
     Runner-up – Grace (C) 164 pts

Year 7 Male
     Champion – Will (L) 181 pts
     Runner-up – Travis (C)104 pts

Year 8 Female
     Champion – Lucy (L) 225 pts
     Runner-up – Sienna (R) 203 pts

Year 8 Male
     Champion – Mason (L) 204 pts
     Runner-up – Scott (S)144 pts

Year 9 Female
     Champions – Mischa (L) and Tacha (C) 165 pts
     Runner-up – Julia (C) 143 pts

Year 9 Male
     Champion – Regan (L) 204 pts
     Runner-up – Bodhi (R)168 pts

Year 10 Female
     Champion – Keely (L) 163 pts
     Runner-up – Shelley (C) 156 pts

Year 10 Male
     Champion – Colby (C) 181 pts
     Runner-up – Dylan (R) 170 pts

Year 11 Female
     Champion – Mabel (C) 211 pts
     Runner-up – Lilly (R) 157 pts

Year 11 Male
     Champion – Mitchell (R) 162 pts
     Runner-up – Seth (R)145 pts

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