Visual Art Exhibition - Koorntarup 2023

On the evening of Wednesday, 8 November, in the ASHS Arts Building, we saw the official opening of the annual Senior and Lower School Art Exhibition ‘Koorntarup 2023’. Proceedings commenced at 6 pm with approximately 70 students, friends, and families who came, admiring the array of talent exhibited on the gallery walls and chatting in groups within the Visual Arts Studios set amongst a colourful variety of drawings, paintings, textiles, and sculptures.

The night officially began with Ms Andrea Totten welcoming guests and discussing the significant impact 60,000 years of Visual Arts education has had, enabling ancestors to share and interpret stories, past journeys, discoveries, new inventions, ephemerally drawn in the sand, in charcoal, ochres, lead, and then graphite on parchment, now paper. Without these skills to draw diagrams and use codes morphed together to create sentences, cultures would have been unable to bridge gaps to bring societies, countries, and continents together and share knowledge. Ms Totten spoke about the everyday connection it still has in the art room, using natural materials belonging to the land to learn by doing, learn kinaesthetically, through repetition, and applying all senses to focus our critical thinking to problem-solving, to share experiences, create ideas, explore innovation with materials and the calmative, healthy effect these connections appear to have on our students. Juhani Palasmaa- Finnish Architect and theorist, calls this ‘Thinking with the Hands,’ the process of integrating ‘thinking’ with ‘physical’ realisation.

Mrs Melissa Daw gave an Acknowledgement to Country before commencing a speech, introducing student teacher; Mae Elliott, and discussing the works on display. The resolved artworks also included some more exploratory exercises in media, technique, and works in progress.

When viewing artworks on display, we encouraged guests to consider the bravery of our students to exhibit an artwork in public, the time and thought that went into developing an idea and skills, and, in some instances, confronting investigation into the world they live in.

Mrs Daw farewelled and congratulated the Year 12 students for completing and getting artwork hanging on a wall and commended them on their effort and endurance to complete the rigorous coursework.

Guests collaborated to assist Year 8 Production students with a silhouette installation for an Arts event in week ten by embellishing their work with colourful tapes.

The night was an enormous success, and the Visual Arts team would like to thank all the students involved in helping to create the event by contributing wonderful works of art and assisting with erecting the pieces for display. Year 7 - 12 Teacher’s Choice Award winners were presented with prizes on the evening.

Special thanks must also go to Arts HoLA Mrs Alison Powell, and Home Economics staff Bianca Downham and Phillipa Drew, the Year 11 Food Technology and Science and Year 10 Enterprising Foods students for the delicious food they provided, Mae Elliott for documenting the evening by taking photographs and assisting with artwork setup. Thank you to Jo Proudfoot in the front office for doing a wonderful job promoting the event.

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