GSSSSA Junior Volleyball Carnival

ASHS 2 Girls
The girls started with a bang; however, the other team soon caught us. we ended up narrowly losing our first game. Throughout the day we won a couple and lost a couple, ending up fifth on a countback. In the 5th v 6th final we easily defeated GSG. It was a fun day and a great learning curve for us as beginner volleyballers.

ASHS 1 Girls
We had a very strong start, we defeated Bethel, Denmark, NASHS, and GSG with good leads the whole game. Unfortunately, we lost to St Joe's which set us back a bit. We ended up in the grand finals against NASHS, which we sadly lost by only a few points. All the girls played really well the whole day and we had lots of fun. Hopefully, we will win next year. – Written by Hana and Alaia

The day was very eventful, the team improved throughout the carnival with the boys having a great time.

The first game was played against Bethel, it was a hard game going back and forth in points until the very end, but we won the last point from a great spike from Bodhi.

Game 2 was against NASHS. We played hard, with our boys spiking well and blocking some NASHS players to the floor but we finished in second place.

Game 3 was against St Joe's, this game was good; we had some great plays, Ethan had a great reception with his forehead, Ashton would not get off the floor diving 5 times in the game, but we thought St Joe's needed a win so we came in second place.

Game 4 was against Denmark. We had a pretty average game not much to say; we gave them the win.

Game 5 was against Grammar we had a good game everyone played well and came out with the win.

The final was against Denmark again, the boys came into the game determined and wanting to win, the game was tough with points going back and forth, Sam had a wonderful game scoring lots of spikes, and Blake had some great sets, but we lost by 1.

The team comprised of Ashton, Sam, Blake, Mitchel, Bodhi, Ethan, Marlon and Jarrah. We had a great day and played some good volleyball coming 4th overall. – Written by Ashton

@ 2023 Albany Senior High School