Marine Science Camp

Congratulations to Mr Goggins, Ms Prior and the “fish kids” for an outstanding effort in 2023.

After much work over the course of the year collecting and analysing fish data, the Marine Science Students went to Perth in Week 8 to showcase their research to scientists at Murdoch University, Edith Cowan University and the Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development. The seminars gave the students opportunities to engage with real researchers, and hone their public speaking skills whilst answering impromptu questions from the audience. The students received many accolades from the people present with many saying their presentations were better than many they had seen at Tertiary level.

Students spent a few hours each afternoon at the WA Museum, the Perth Zoo where they did some team challenges, UWA, AQWA and Kings Park. Each night students got some feedback on their presentations and spent some time improving them for the next one! After all the presentation pressure, we all got to spend an awesome day snorkelling, swimming and cycling at Rottnest and had the inaugural Backward Flipper Race at Parker Point!

Nicky Thompson (HOLA Science)

@ 2023 Albany Senior High School