At ASHS we strive to acknowledge our students and staff when they achieve success in a range of contexts; not just within the school, but also in our community.


There are a variety of awards that we present routinely during the year and these include; Goldies (for students who demonstrate positive behaviours), Effort and Achievement Awards (to deserving students in each course, in each term) and  Attendance Awards (for students with 100% attendance in a term). All of these awards have house points attached to them and students accumulate them to be eligible for reward activities and also to contribute to our house point system.


The Community Achievers Afternoon Tea is held at least once a year and hosted by the Principal, to recognise our students who have achieved something significant in the community. Parents and peers are invited to nominate students for this. These students are also recognised in our yearly Community Achievers Whole School Assembly.


There are special awards given to students at the Yr 12 Awards Night at the close of their final year, and also to students in other years, at our Awards Assembly, which is held at the beginning of each year.

Year 12 Awards
Bonnie Hicks Humanities Award
Ryde VET Award
Community Achievers


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