IMSS Program Information

The IMSS program offers successful applicants a scholarship for free instrumental music lessons provided by the specialist-trained staff from the IMSS unit of the Department of Education WA. This unique program has been running throughout WA schools for many decades and offers the incredible opportunity of learning a musical instrument to selected students.


Learning an instrument has many benefits, including the social and emotional aspects of music making, and there is much evidence that learning an instrument has significant benefits to a child’s academic progress. Students in our ASHS program get to be involved in tours and performances, are able to meet and work with professional musicians from around the world, and learn a set of skills they can apply throughout their lives for fun or professionally.


As a scholarship program, there are some expectations made of those successful applicants, and I ask that you seriously consider these requirements before taking your allocated position. Whilst there are no penalties for students leaving the program, it is expected that the majority of students selected will continue until Year 10 (at least) in their studies. Maintenance of balance in ensembles and other aspects of the overall music program rely on our ability to predict future personnel with some accuracy. Please feel free to discuss any concerns with myself at any time.


Please take time to read the requirements of the program, and information on the next sheet before accepting a position in this program.


Each year there will be an information night held for parents of new instrumental music students. This will take place in the ASHS Performing Arts Theatre near the end of Term 4. It is important that new music parents attend this event to ensure that you fully understand what is being offered and the commitment that you and your child will be making. You will be able to meet the instrumental music teachers and get answers to any further questions you may have.


Expectations of scholarship holders

1.  You will attend your lessons reliably and promptly, with required equipment (including music journal). Lack of attendance will incur standard school procedures and may result in loss of scholarship.

2.  You will need to practice consistently to maintain a minimum level of expected progress. No practice = no results = BOREDOM. You will also place your scholarship position in jeopardy.

3.  You will maintain and bring your music journal to all lessons. It is the most important communication tool between your teacher and parents.

4.  You will enrol in specialist class music for the duration of your scholarship, and maintain a minimum pass grade in this subject.

5.  You will attend the appropriate music ensemble for your instrument regularly. You will maintain appropriate levels of behaviour and performance standard in these ensembles.

6.   You will ensure you make the best effort to maintain academic standards in your schoolwork when missing classes for your lessons.

7.   You will communicate with teachers and parents whenever you have concerns or questions.  

Your instrumental teacher will explain specific requirements for your lessons. These may include purchasing textbooks and specialist equipment.


You will be provided with a music journal that will need to come to every lesson and be viewed and signed by a parent each week.


Year 7 beginner students are not eligible for instrument hire. The school supplies instruments for students to use at school for lessons and practice, but students will be expected to purchase an instrument, where required, as soon as practicable. Please talk to your teacher about this beforehand to allow them to assist you in purchasing an instrument of appropriate quality. Poor instruments can cause significant loss of motivation for students.


If your child is currently enrolled in General Music, they will need to change their timetable to include Class Music. This will require a shift in their options. Music students will always have music as one of their options subjects. Whilst this sometimes causes frustrations for some students, the benefits and opportunities provided to the music students are unique and exclusive to the program, and we believe they outweigh any perceived loss of opportunity.


Instrumental lessons occur on a rotating timetable. Lessons will change times on a weekly basis; ensuring students don’t miss the same class each week.


Ensembles usually occur outside of school hours. If you are playing at the appropriate level it is expected that you will join the applicable ensemble. Attendance at these ensembles is compulsory, and you will need to manage your sporting and other requirements accordingly.


We look forward to your child joining us on their musical journey.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the below.


Mr Neville Talbot

Music Teacher

Albany Senior High School

08 9841 0934


@ 2019 Albany Senior High School