Music Calendar 2018

ASHS/Community Music 2018 Calendar




5                        (week 2) Lessons start

12                      (week 3) Ensembles start



9                        Michael Griffin PD and public seminar

7                        Pop Band lunchtime performance

8         (evening) Band 1 sectionals and extra rehearsals (in lieu of camp)

16                      Chamber by Candlelight (artists TBA) Workshops available

17                      City Band Concert

24-25                 Chamber Music Weekend (GS Fest)

26                      ACO Visit (orchestra students)

28                      Cert 2 Music Night

30                      Good Friday- Easter break



4                       Parent/teacher night. Early finish school

5-6                    Woodvale SC Visit and collaborations (guitar, band, orchestra?)

20                     Chamber by Candlelight (Perth Guitar Quartet)



18                     Sinfonia (Chamber by Candlelight) concert

19                     Sinfonia Denmark (kids concert and evening performance)

21-25                Eisteddfod

23                     Pop Band Town Square Lunch Performance

28-June 1          Year 12 exams

29-30                Cert 2 Café Performances

30                     Pop Band lunchtime performance



Dates TBC          UWA guitar ensemble workshop and joint performance


6                       Pop Band Performance evening

8-9                    Albany Choral Society

15-17                Sartory String Quartet Concert and WAYACHAMP

20                     Cert 2 Performance night

22-24                ABODA- Senior Band/Orchestra Festival (Perth)



9-14                  (School holidays) Possible extra Centenary Concert rehearsals

20                     Prodigal students return concert (uni students- Chamber by Candlelight)

21                     AlCO Concert



2                       School Open Day- No classes

4                       ASHS Centenary Concert (All day Saturday- possible rehearsalsFriday)

17                     Chamber by Candlelight (artists TBA) Workshops available

19                     Choral Festival (Perth)

24                     WAAPA Radioactive (rehearsals previous 2 days)

25-26                Guitar Festival (Perth)

29                     Pop Band Lunchtime



6-9                    ABODA Junior Band/Orchestra festival, Contemporary Festival

7                       IMSS 2019 Yr 7 Beginners testing/interviews

21                     Chamber by Candlelight (Adam Cook- piano) Workshops available

22-23                Sinfonia with Freo and SW Symphony- Mahler 2



16                     Band end of year concert and awards night

19                     Chamber by Candlelight (artists TBA) Workshops available

26-27                Pop band recording sleepover

31                     Pop band town square public lunchtime concert

31                     Chamber Music Night- All IMSS students



1                       Music Count Us In

6-7                    Cert 2 lunchtime café performances

14                     Pop band lunchtime performance and showcase (evening)

16                     Chamber by Candlelight (local artists feature)

16                     Athletics Carnival Day

24                     Sinfonia/City Band Proms

26                     Final Concert Guitar/Orchestras

30                     Choir Sleepover



1-2                    ACWE Christmas Concert

3                       IMSS Parent info night

7-8                    Band 1 Sleepover

8                       Band 2 Christmas Pageant