Bring Your Own Device

The integration of notebook computers and supporting information technology equipment into the classroom has represented an exciting era at Albany Senior High School (ASHS). The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program builds on the positive developments that have provided a wealth of rich educational resources and tools, that when used effectively, can deliver very positive teaching and learning outcomes. However, if the implementation of this new technology is not properly controlled there are certain pitfalls that students may encounter.

The Department of Education supports students in the appropriate and safe use of their devices. By alerting parents and students to potential dangers, developing guidelines and providing advice and support, the exposure of students to potential problems can be minimised.

When the BYOD program commenced at ASHS in 2014 the school allowed students to bring either an Apple or Windows device to school.  This has been challenging for school staff as there has been the need to learn to use two systems (Windows and Apple) to enable them to support students.  For this reason, the school has made the decision that from the beginning of 2017 students entering the BYOD program will be required to bring a WINDOWS device.

The BYOD policy is specifically aimed at parents and students who are involved in the Albany Senior High School BYOD program and details the policy, guidelines and support strategies to ensure that students are able to make effective use of their devices and avoid any problems.

Appendix B, the BYOD User Agreement, needs to be returned with the device the student will be using.  Technical staff will ensure the device meets the BYOD specifications, as outlined in this document and connect the device to the internet.


Appendix A - BYOD Specifications

Appendix B - BYOD User Agreement

Microsoft Office365 Professional Plus is offered as a free download for all students for installation on devices.

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