2019 - Term 4 Week 4 - Principal's Address

Mobile Phone Policy change for 2020

The government has recently made an announcement about this change of policy.  The policy states:

“The Department of Education does not permit student use of mobile phones in public schools unless for medical or teacher directed educational purpose.”  As a
school we will be refining our existing policy to meet this new requirement and the consequences for non- compliance. 

I would like to thank the parents who contacted the school to express their support for this policy announcement.   We will be working with the community to develop school based procedures and prepare students for this change next year and explaining the rationale behind the change.

 “It is acknowledged that when used effectively as a tool to enhance learning, mobile phones can play an important role in education. A ban on their use, however, when not in direct support of education will ensure that schools can provide a safe and productive learning environment for students in their care.

The decision to ban the use of mobile phones in schools is intended to remove the potential learning distraction for students, protect the privacy of staff and students, improve social connections at school and improve the health and wellbeing of students.

While it is recognised that cyber-bullying mainly occurs outside school time, banning the use of mobile phones will allow students to engage with their learning and with their peers, without the pressure felt when needing to respond to a mobile phone.”

I encourage all parents to have the conversation with your student about this change and your communication methods and start practicing strategies, such as:

  • contacting the school rather than your child for urgent matters,
  • not texting your child during the school day (or responding to them), and
  • practising no phone at home time (for a specified duration)

Car Park Development

You will all have seen that the carpark works have commenced next to the Youth Centre.  The works have been suspended during the WACE exam period, which explains why activity has been periodic.  There will be some planning to soften the appearance of this new car park which will hopefully be completed this year.


School Survey

Thank you to 117 parents who responded to the school survey.  We will be collating and reviewing this data to inform future planning.

Jenny Firth



@ 2019 Albany Senior High School