2019 - People Choice Art Award

The People's Choice Awards at this year's annual art exhibition, Collective Insights again saw many
staff, students, parents and friends actively participating to vote on their favourite artworks not only
on opening night, but throughout the week of the exhibition.

We are pleased to announce the well-
deserving recipients of each year group are as follows;

Year 8 Stella Dines and Rebecca Boynton
Year 9 Corline le Grange and Jasmine Caldwell
Year 10 Amy Walker and Zavier Utber
Year 11 Siobhan Dallas and Cora de Vos
Year 12 Katty Adano and Tahlia Masters

Congratulations to all of you and we are sure that you will make great use of the quality art pack
prizes which we selected from Oxlades through their buyer's reward system, TESS.

  Zavier Utber - Year 10                      Amy Walker - Year 10

   Stella Dines - Year 8                                  Siobhan Dallas - Year 11

                 Katty Adano - Year 12                                              Tahlia Masters - Year 12

                       Jasmine Caldwell - Year 9                                               Corline Le Grange - Year 9

                  Cora de Vos - Year 11                                            Rebecca Boynton - Year 8


@ 2019 Albany Senior High School