2019 - Year 12 Awards

Year 12

We officially farewelled out Class of 2019 at the Awards evening held at the AEC on November 15. It was great to see all the students come together one last time as a group. Congratulations to all the award recipients. I would like to thank the students who contributed to the evening with performances and our 2020 Prefects who assisted with ceremony. Thank you to all the staff who worked so hard to ensure the smooth running of the evening and to the local community members who provided donations towards the awards of the evening.

Our 2019 Donors

  • ASHS School Board
  • Mr Paul Lionetti - Albany IGA
  • Ms Jane Kelsbie - Worklink Albany
  • ASHS P&C Association
  • Bradley Bayly Legal
  • Australian Defence Force
  • Australian Super
  • Albany Retravision
  • Mr Terry Redmond MLA
  • Mr Peter Watson MLA
  • Anonymous Donor
  • Tanya and Ashley Hudson
  • Dale and Linday Freegard
  • Jenny Jackson
  • Johnathon and Emily Drew
  • Josephine Lyncy
  • Des Holmes
  • Rhonda Williams
  • Penter Family
  • Moriarty Family
  • Marcus Wettenhall
  • Gust Family
  • Albany Beachside Accommodation
  • Noreen Les for Wealth and Advantage Pty Ltd
  • Hon. Rick Wilson MP


Program 2019.

Special Award Winners

Award Name


Arthur Richards Humanities Award

Kensley Crowley

P & C Culture and Arts Award

Bonnie Staude

Sportsperson of the Year

Tyler Wilmore

The Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award

Kensley Crowley

AustralianSuper Award for Excellence in VET

Travis Chandler

Albany Senior High School Board Award

Patrick Webster

Vocational Dux

Ciara Sugg

Academic Dux

Alyssa Ward

Subject Winners


Subject Names


ATAR English

Owen Gust

General English

Ciara Sugg

ATAR Economics

Kensley Crowley

ATAR Modern History

Kensley Crowley

ATAR Philosophy & Ethics

Kensley Crowley

ATAR Biology

Chloe Remaj

ATAR Chemistry

Sophie Lambert

ATAR Human Biology

Alyssa Ward

ATAR Physics

Alyssa Ward

Mathematics Applications

Sascha Favas

Mathematics Methods

Sophie Lambert

Mathematics Essential –joint recipients

Travis Chandler and Ciara Sugg

General Automotive Engineering & Technology

Travis Cooper

General Business Management & Enterprise

Jade Gaffney

Certificate II in Business

Emily Daniell

General Children, Family and Community

Jade Gaffney

General Design: Photography

Ciara Sugg

General Design: Technical Graphics

Ciara Sugg

General Food Science & Technology

Alicia Lombardo

General Materials, Design & Technology: Metals

Travis Cooper

General Materials, Design & Technology: Jewellery

Ciara Sugg

General Materials, Design & Technology: Wood

Mitchell Ballard

ATAR Visual Arts

Emma Les

Certificate II Music

Bonnie Staude

ATAR Physical Education Studies

Alyssa Ward

ATAR Health Studies

Alicia Lombardo

General Health Studies

Kasey Gilbert

General Marine and Maritime Studies

Connor Rogerson

General Outdoor Education

Taj Stubber

Certificate II Sport & Recreation

Hseekler Thein

Certificate II Sport Coaching

Tahlia Masters

ADWPL – Workplace Learning

Mitchell Ballard


Academic Dux Alyssa Ward with                                          Vocational Dux, Ciarra Sugg with
Principal, Jenny Firth                                                           CEO Worklink, Jane Kelsbie

    School Board Recipient, Patrick Webster                             Australian Super Award for Excellence in VET,
              with Michael Roberts                                                  Travis Chandler with Neill Milligan,
                                                                                           Regional Executive Officer   



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