2020 - Year 9 Noongar Cultural Excursion

On Tuesday, March 10, all Year 9 students participated in a day on learning more about local Aboriginal culture. The day started at the Albany Noongar Centre where local elder, Harley Coyne introduced the day and handed over to brother, Lester Coyne to ‘Welcome Students to Country’.


Half of the students then got onto buses to head to the fish trap site on Oyster Harbour while the rest remained at the centre. At the fish traps site, students were told about the significance of the site, not just as a source of food, but also as a place of trade and ceremony. Students were able to learn about and sample some of the bush tucker from the immediate area, and also hear from archaeologist Robert Reynolds about the evidence of Aboriginal occupation of the region. Back at the Noongar centre, students heard stories about growing up as an Aboriginal in the region, and were given an insight into some of the cultural heritage in the area surrounding the Noongar centre.


Thanks goes to the presenters; Harley Coyne, Lester Coyne, Vernice Gillies, Averil Dean and Robert Reynolds. Congratulations also goes to the students who were very well behaved, showed respect and represented ASHS well. Thanks also to Mr Arnold and Mr Myers for making the excursion a possibility.





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