2020 - Year 12 School Ball

Report by Year 12 students, Indi Weeden and Indigo Bew


The 2020 ASHS Ball was a huge success. It didn’t start so well with the disappointing news of having to postpone the Ball from April to July due to COVID-19. With doubtful thoughts in our heads that the Ball was never going to happen, our Year 12 dreams of our special night were slowly starting to die. Luckily, our intent to have a Ball pulled through – after continuous planning and hard work the Ball went ahead on 25 July 2020.


The Ball hit off with a great start as everyone pulled up in their flash cars and piled up outside the Centennial Park doors. We walked in on the red carpet with partners and friends under the glowing moon and Hollywood entrance lighting. As we made our way to the main ballroom, guests kicked off their heels straight away, and everyone hit the dance floor. Lights and smiles lit up the room. We talked, danced, ate, and then talked and danced a little more. We posed for photos with friends, fellow peers and teachers. The Ball Committee decorated the room as a Night in New York, with fairy lights hung from the roof as well as some big city backdrops. It was a night to remember.


As the night came to an end, it was time to announce the traditional Belle and Beau of the Ball. Congratulations went to the well-deserving Emma Wade and Ben Ng (who for sure danced the night away). A massive thanks go out to everybody – peers, staff, the Ball Committee, DJs, photographers, caterers – who made the ball the surreal and the splendid night that it was. In the end, the Ball was an experience for the Year 12s that we will never forget. It was a chance to look back and see all the amazing friends and peers we have been surrounded by in the last 6 Years and the unforgettable memories we have made together.


























@ 2019 Albany Senior High School