2023 Year 7 Transition

Welcome! To all our families and their students to Year 7 2023.


You can find the 2023 Year 7 Parent Information on Transitioning into Secondary School HERE. This document is full of important information for both Parents/Carers and their students. Please take the time to have a look through.


The 2023 Year 7 Information Handbook has information for students and their families to guide them through the transition period of Primary School to High School.



BYOD for Year 7 in 2022

ASHS is transitioning to an exciting new 1-to-1 BYOD program. Our goal is to make sure all students have access to high-quality educational experiences that build their capacity to participate in the modern world.

To assist families in accessing suitable devices:

  • We have provided a list of system requirements to help select a device
  • The P&C have spoken to local retailers to help them provide suitable devices
  • We have broadened the list of devices to include Windows and Apple laptops
  • We are investigating methods to provide support for families who may have difficulty affording a new device


Our teachers are undertaking professional learning to help them plan engaging new programs and develop rich digital resources to support our incoming Year 7 cohort. Our new 1-to-1 BYOD program will provide all students with an opportunity to learn using modern tools to become effective citizens in our connected world.



As we transition to our new 1-to-1 BYOD program we understand that our school community might have questions. Mr Matthews, our ICT Coordinator will be happy to answer your queries about BYOD. Please email Zachary.matthews@education.wa.edu.au



The following systems will be suitable for use at ASHS in 2023:

Windows 10/11 laptops and 2-in-1 devices

  • 10+ inch display (13-14 inch recommended)
  • 64GB storage (128GB recommended)
  • 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
  • Battery life of 5+ hours
  • *2-in-1 devices must come to school with a physical keyboard
  • *Windows 10S devices must be switched out of S-mode

Apple Mac laptops

  • Macbook Air
  • Macbook Pro
  • *Must support MacOS 11.0


Additional Notes

Students should bring devices in a suitable casing. Cases with a hard outer layer and padded inner that fit into backpacks often provide the best protection.

Additionally, students must bring suitable earbuds that can be used with their device.

All devices should be charged at home each night to be ready for the following school day.

Unfortunately, iPad, Android tablets and Chromebooks will not perform the functions required to be effective tools.



We would like to remind our students and parents that the Department of Education provides free access to Microsoft Office for ASHS students.

This means you don't need to purchase it with your devices.

We will support students accessing Microsoft Office as we connect them to the school network in 2023.



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