Learning Support

Does your child struggle with reading & writing independently?

You can show your child how to follow the steps as attached when they are using their BYODs (or the computers at school) to access the:

  • Dictate feature (which allows your child to speak into their device and have it write for them)
  • Immersive Reader feature (which your child can copy text into and then have it read aloud for them through their earbuds).

There will be support sessions offered to families and students, on these and other assistive technologies throughout the year.



Homework support for Lower School

Attached here is a support document to help you navigate homework strategies for your children if they ever say they 'don't have any homework to do'.

At ASHS we expect that our students will have about 45 minutes of study/homework per night in Year 7, working up to about 1.5 hours per night in Year 9.

Sometimes this will not be set work from teachers; it will comprise of the material that is attached here.



ASHS Homework and Study Policy

Attached here is a copy of our policy document regarding homework and study. There are some ideas here about how much you might expect for your child each week, and also some tips for supporting at home.






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