Student Services update Term 2 Week 8


2021/22 Prefects and Student Leaders

The process for election of the 2021/22 Prefects and Student Leaders is currently underway. Nominations are in with voting for Years 7-10 happening during Week 9.

The incoming prefects will be announced at the final assembly for the term and Year 7-10 student leaders announced at the beginning of Term 3.

Thank you to all those students who have put themselves forward for these positions in the school and best of luck with the election process.


Year 11 and 12 Exams

The Semester 1 exams have finished and students will currently be receiving results and feedback in classes.

Year 11 students are able to revise their subject selection for Semester 2 if they are struggling and at risk of achieving WACE. Parents of students at risk will be informed and invited to a meeting to review their child’s pathway.

Year 12 Semester 2 exams will occur from October 4 – October 11. This is during the second week of the school holidays. Students are required to attend these exams to complete their course. Do not plan to be away during this time.


Chaplain’s Chat

What do Wednesdays at 8.00 am, MILOS and Spaghetti Toasties have in common? Breakfast Club at ASHS!  Each week you’ll find 40-50 students in the Canteen for our famous spaghetti toasties, fruit, toast, and a cup of MILO to start their Wednesday off right.  We’ve had a fantastic turnout and I appreciate our school nurse Helen helping me get all the breakfast items ready and served to the students.  It’s been a great time to warm up as the mornings have been chilly and have a chat with the students before they head off to their first-period class.  We look forward to adding muffins to the menu and seeing more students stop by for some breakfast and a chat. 

A reminder that Breakfast Club runs from 8.00 - 8.35 am each Wednesday morning in the canteen.  Breakfast is free of charge!








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