Gifted and Talented Program

Albany Senior High School’s Gifted & Talented program is a continuation of our tradition of opportunity and success. Our Gifted & Talented students benefit from a well-rounded curriculum designed to nurture skills in analytical, critical and creative thinking, foster motivation and encourage communication. They enjoy a culture of teamwork and support as an integral part of the Albany SHS student community and within the Gifted & Talented cohort. They have the opportunity to participate in the rich and varied extra-curricular opportunities available at Albany SHS. Our Gifted & Talented students and their peers benefit from our supportive and inclusive environment that encourages pride, respect, responsibility, and achievement.


2022 Cohort

To join the Albany SHS Gifted & Talented program, students must achieve the required score in the competitive Academic Selective Entrance Test administered by the Department of Education. Like all Year 7 students at Albany SHS, they will complete their Maths, English, Science and Humanities classes in a form group. In these subjects, teachers will offer a specially designed curriculum to meet the needs of the Gifted & Talented cohort. As Albany SHS students, they will also enjoy meeting and mixing with students from other forms during subjects such as Health and Physical Education, Design and Technology, the Arts and Languages, where teachers will offer extension opportunities to engage and challenge students.



Information about the Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Program can be found at


For more information about the Albany SHS Gifted & Talented program, please contact:

Ms Amber Lewis

Gifted & Talented Coordinator

Ph: 9841 0444





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