Personal Item Lists

We have personal item lists for years 7,8,9 and 10 and a combined Senior school personal item list for both years 11 and 12 these are provided digitally to reduce the use of paper within the school however if you would like a paper copy of the personal item lists please contact the finance office on 08 6821 1735.


Please click the appropriate link for your student below.


Year 7 Personal Item List

Year 8 Personal Item List

Year 9 Personal Item List

Year 10 Personal Item List

Senior School Personal Item List


Our School Board encourages parents to buy local for the purchase of student requirements. Textbooks can be sourced from local suppliers such as Paperbark Merchants, however, to allow for delivery ready for the start of the school year, you will need to contact them immediately to place an order. Alternatively, Albany Senior High School has sourced an online option for the purchase of textbooks through Campion Educational Supplies: If ordering from Campion Educational Supplies, you will be required to enter the Resource List Code J8GY.


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