Exam Timetable

Exam Instructions Semester 1 2018 - Year 11 & 12

  1. All exams will occur in the Youth Centre.
  2. Students are required to wear school uniform to all examinations. No beanies or hoodies.
  3. Students are expected to behave appropriately before, during and after the exam, while on school grounds and when travelling home.
  4. Students should arrive at least 20 minutes prior to exam start time.
  5. Bring your exam timetable to each exam and place it on the desk to allow the supervisors to record attendance.
  6. Bring pencils, pens, calculators, erasers etc in a clear plastic sleeve so contents are easily visible.
  7. No mobile phones, iPods or electronic devices to be taken into the exam centre except approved calculators.
  8. Students may bring water to the exam in a clear plastic bottle with all labels removed. You cannot refill these or leave to get a drink during the exam.
  9. Eating is not permitted during an examination.
  10. Notes may be taken to some exams. Class teachers will advise students if this applies prior to the exams. Notes must be flat, contain no folds and must not have other notes attached to them. (sticky notes)
  11. If you are unwell, a medical certificate must be provided to explain your absence form an exam and the school notified in the morning, prior to the exam commencing.
  12. All ATAR students (4 or more ATAR subjects) do not attend school for the examination period. Year 12 – May 25 – June 1 and Year 11 May 31 – June 8.
  13. Students studying 3 or less ATAR subjects are required to attend classes on the days they do not have a scheduled exam.
  14. GENERAL pathway students must attend school throughout the examination period with classes running as normal. Year 12 General students will also sit Externally Set Tasks.


Semester 1 Exam Timetable - Year 11 & 12

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