if it explodes, smells a bit, is too small to see with the naked eye or bites when prodded, chances are you are in a science lab.  Science at ASHS involves practical experiences and studies in chemical, biological, physical and earth sciences.  Students get to design and carry out their own investigations and interpret their data.  This year some Year 7’w will be involved in the STAWA Synergy Solar Car Challenge.  In Upper School we offer Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Human Biology at ATAR level and Integrated Science in the general pathway.

Marine Science is a specialist program designed to extend academically talented students from years 8-10.  The emphasis of this program is on collection of data via field work, interpreting that data and presentation of projects to universities, the department of fisheries and the local community.  The program has a strong emphasis on sustainable resource use.   Entry to this pathway is highly competitive and selection is based on academic results, NAPLAN, teacher recommendations and a specialised test.  Approximately 5 year 8 students are selected each year and these students remain in the program for three years.  In Year 10 extra students are involved in the program for one year.

2020 - Science Tutoring Schedule
Monday, 3.15 to 4.15 pm, Room 38
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Human Biology

Thrusday 8.00 to 8.50 am, Room 4
Biology and Human Biology

2020 Activities and Events
2020 - Year 10 General Science - Fermentation
2020 - Solar Car Challenge


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