Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


Albany Senior High School (ASHS) is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school. The purpose of our BYOD program is to improve the delivery of our curriculum using 21st-century technologies and skills. The Western Australian Curriculum includes integration of the ICT General Capability across all subjects at school. Our BYOD program allows us to thoroughly address this element of the curriculum and provide our students with skills that will help them succeed in their future professional and academic endeavours.




The students

  • Students will bring a device on all regular school days.
  • Devices will be charged overnight to be ready for school the following day.
  • Students will ensure they have access to a locker to stow their laptops during periods when they cannot stay with their bags. E.g. Physical Education. Lockers can be organised via the front office.
  • Students will maintain the data privacy of themselves and others.
  • Students will ensure their device is regularly updated and that the required software packages are installed.
  • Students will use their devices as instructed by their teacher. Failure to follow teacher instructions will be managed through the ASHS behaviour management policy and may result in a reduction of ICT privileges.
  • Students will back up files onto the OneDrive account provided by the Department of Education.
  • Students will follow all ASHS ICT usage policies while at school or during other school events.

The parents and carers

  • Parents will support students in following the above responsibilities.
  • Parents and carers will ensure devices meet the specifications listed by the school.
  • Parents will ensure their child is familiar with the operation of their device prior to commencing school.

The teachers

  • Teachers will ensure that frequent opportunities to use devices are provided.
  • Teachers will provide enriched opportunities for learning using devices.
  • Teachers will support students in developing ICT related skills that will allow them to use their devices effectively.
  • Teachers will ensure they meet the ICT components of the curriculum related to their Learning Areas.

The school

  • The school will maintain appropriate infrastructure and network capabilities to support student access.
  • The school will facilitate learning opportunities for students and staff to ensure devices can be used effectively for teaching and learning.
  • The school will provide limited support and advice regarding devices connecting to the network and software installation. Maintenance and repairs will be the responsibility of the parents and carers.



Devices brought to school must meet one of the following requirements to be practical learning tools in our school environment. Students should bring devices in a suitable casing. Cases with a hard outer layer and padded inner that fit into backpacks often provide the best protection. Additionally, students must bring suitable earbuds that can be used with their device.

Mobile phones, Chromebooks and Android tablets do not have the capabilities required to be useful in the ASHS learning environment and are not suitable for the BYOD program.


Windows 10/11 devices - Preferred

  • 10+ inch display (13-14 inches recommended)
  • 64GB storage (128GB recommended)
  • 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
  • Battery life of 5+ hours
  • 2-in-1 devices and tablet PCs must come to school with a physical keyboard
  • Windows 10/11S devices must be switched out of S-mode

Apple Mac laptops

  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro
  • Must support macOS 11.0+

Tablet Devices such as iPad and Android, and Chromebooks are not suitable for our school context.



The Department of Education provides free access to Microsoft Office for ASHS students.

This means you don't need to purchase it with your devices.

We will support students accessing Microsoft Office as we connect them to the school network.

For further information and to obtain the installation guide for Microsoft Office 365, please follow this link.



Please click here for a copy of the full BYOD Policy 



If you are in a position where providing a device for your child is unfeasible, or your child’s device is damaged we may be able to provide support. Please reach out to our ICT Coordinator Mr Zac Matthews on 6821 1700 or email



If you have any further queries regarding these requirements, please contact our ICT Coordinator Mr Zac Matthews on 6821 1700 or email








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