Compass Support

Some of you will have noticed that more elements of Compass (our new information system) are being rolled out. There are some communications now coming directly to you when information is entered into Compass about your child:

  • When your child receives a 'Goldie' or a 'Certificate of Commendation'
  • When your child receives a mobile phone infringement
  • When a teacher has a concern about your child's academic progress
  • When your child has lost Good Standing
  • An alert that your child is close to losing Good Standing
  • If your child has been found to have truanted a class

If you have any feedback you would like to share about Compass as it rolls out, please contact our Administration Office at 6821 1700 or email:


You can access the website via the link on the front page of our website, or through:


Below, you will find links to documents and video tutorials to assist you in navigating your Compass Portal. 


In the Compass Parent Guide, you will only want to access the following pages (as we will be staging the release of Compass over the next 12 months):

  • Access & getting started (pages 3-6)
  • Attendance (pages 7-8)
  • Emailing teachers (page 17)
  • Password and details changes (pages 35-36)

Compass Parent Guide

Homepage Tutorial

Attendance Tutorial

Calendar Tutorial

Student Schedules and Teacher Contact


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