We would like to introduce to our families the Department of Education’s online environment called Connect. 

Connect is a learning, support and communications platform developed by the Department of Education WA for staff, students and parents in public schools. As a parent of a student at Albany Senior High School (ASHS), your secure login details to Connect include a P-number and Password which will be emailed to you by our office staff once your child has commenced enrolment here.

A "Step by step guide for parents" gives you detailed information on how to navigate your way around the site as a parent of a child at our school.

You will find further information, specifically relating to secondary students, in the attached flyer "Quick guide for parents (Secondary)"

How will parents access Connect?

Each parent will be given their own secure login to Connect.  Connect is totally free and because it is provided by the Department of Education, very safe.  As well as being able to log in to Connect on any internet-connected device, you may also receive notices from Connect that will be sent to you as either an email or a notification on your phone. 

A free app called Connect Now can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store and will let you receive Connect notices as push notifications. A "Connect Now for Parents" flyer with basic installation information for mobile devices is attached.

If you have multiple children, you only need one login – even if your children attend different public schools.

When you log in to Connect you will be able to see information specific to your own child/ren.

Examples of what information you can access in Connect:

  • Whole school or class notifications
  • Class events
  • Classroom learning activities
  • Notifications from individual teachers
  • Attendance records
  • Assessments and marks.


Please note: The facility to send an absentee note in Connect is currently not available at Albany Senior High School.


To register for Connect you will receive an email with your login details shortly after your child begins school at Albany Senior High School. If you have any issues with receiving the Connect invitation, please contact our Administration staff on 9841 0444.

We hope that you enjoy the Connect experience and see it as an exciting new way for you to stay in touch with your child’s school journey.

If you would like to manage your notifications by choosing to have them on or off, click here to follow these instructions.


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