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Follow the Dream is a secondary aspirations program run throughout Western Australia at 28 sites. The program supports Indigenous secondary students to reach their potential and work towards tertiary studies, further training, or meaningful employment. Albany Senior High School proudly hosts the Follow the Dream program. It supports almost 70 students from Albany Senior High School, North Albany Senior High School, Mount Barker Community College, and Denmark Senior High School.


Students selected to join the program are already showing strong signs of success within their schooling. Potential candidates must exhibit high levels of school attendance, behaviour, and academic achievement.


The program aims to steadily increase the number of Indigenous students completing Year 12 and going on to further study. Higher levels of education open doors to satisfying employment opportunities, with the prospect of eventually undertaking meaningful work at a highly skilled level. The Follow the Dream Program helps Indigenous students to set their sights on such opportunities and take the necessary steps to achieve their goals.


Like a ripple spreading through water, every Indigenous child realising his or her Dream becomes the inspiration of another.


The program provides students with:

  • A safe and supportive environment to study after school, equipped with computers and educational resources.
  • Access to tuition to assist with homework, study habits, and goal setting.
  • An individualised documented learning plan.
  • Career guidance.
  • Educational and cultural excursions and camps to develop knowledge, confidence, and skills.


Student testimonials for the program


When asked how the program has helped them, students replied by saying:


Follow the Dream has helped with my subjects and grades. I’d say the program helps; with access to computers, books, and other sources of information.


I find when I come here, I do my homework. So, that means I get assignments in on time and not late. That used to happen—I wasn’t much of a homework do-er, but now that I’m in the program, I have become much more organised!


Follow the Dream has shown me many career opportunities.


The Program provides quality tutoring, which has improved my marks and level of understanding.


Tutoring has made me commit more to my schoolwork.


Without it, I wouldn’t have been as focussed; I wouldn’t have got the work done. The tutoring allowed me to get the grades I wanted.


For further information, please contact the coordinator of the Albany Follow the Dream program.


Stuart Myers:

Mob: 0432 156 013

Ph: 9841 0938



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