2019 - Student Service Newsletter Term 4 Week 4

Senior School

I would like to bid farewell to our Year 12 students who have now completed their final year of schooling and wish those sitting the upcoming WACE exams all the best.

The final day for Year 11 students is 15 November. Those students studying a General pathway are required to attend school up until the 15th, ATAR students will have exams from 11 November until 15 November. Students with four or more ATAR subjects will only be required to be present during their scheduled exam times, students with less than four ATAR subjects are required at school on the days that they do not have an exam. Students must sit the exam for every subject they study to be able to complete that course. Should students be unwell on the day of an exam, please inform student services and supply a medical certificate.

Year 11 students are reminded that they are not permitted to stay at home to study in the lead up to Week 5 as valuable revision will be occurring in class.


2020 School Captains

I would like to formally announce and congratulate the 2020 School Captains Chris van der Merwe and Mary Hunter. Chris and Mary will have a busy year ahead representing the school at formal occasions. We wish them the best in their new role.


Year 10 – Exams

The Year 10 students who have been studying in the ATAR stream completed their end of year exams on October 29. Students are to be commended on the way they conducted themselves and are now more aware of what lays ahead of them in the next two years.


Please be reminded that all absences need to be accounted for. Parents are encouraged to inform the school if their child will be away. This can be done by email albany.shs.enquiries@education.wa.edu.au,
Phone 9841 0419 or SMS 0400 204 440.

Parents are also reminded that all students who are absent from school for three or more consecutive days require a medical certificate to explain their absence.


Legal Aid Presentations

All students in years 7-11 attended a presentation from RU Legal on Monday October 28. The presentations informed students of the recently updated intimate images laws along with cyber bullying, Sexting, Age of Consent.


Adopt a Spot

Albany Senior High School has committed to the Keep Australia Beautiful Program “adopt a spot”. This involved being committed to cleaning a selected sight at least four times a year, for two years. The school has chosen to maintain the Frenchman Bay Beach with a select bunch of 16 carefully selected Year 9 female students. Not only does this enhance the student's ability to work cohesively together but also gives a meaningful insight into waste and sustainability. They are providing for the community as well as partaking in a project with longevity and purpose.  



Table Tennis Fundraiser:

The Year 9 students have been fundraising for the local Albany Group – AYSA. They worked hard in this table tennis tournament to work their way up to the King Table. In the short amount of time, we got some winners as well as raised a good amount of funds for our charity.




Peer Support Training

The Year 9 student leaders recently completed Peer Support training ready to assist with the Year 7 Orientation program. They participated in activities to develop their active listening, questioning techniques, co leadership and effective communication skills. This group of students will be participating in the upcoming orientation day and running activities with the incoming Year 7 group.






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