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September 2020

What a busy few weeks we’ve had around ASHS---record numbers have been seen on Wednesday mornings in the canteen enjoying a spaghetti toastie and a hot milo—our new Breakfast Club has been a wonderful way to start a Wednesday!  Clubs are a fantastic way for students to get involved in the ASHS community and feel connected! Pink was the colour for the day as the Year 8 and 10 girls travelled out to Frenchman’s Bay for our Term Beach clean up.  We were grateful that the weather cleared off and sunshine accompanied a wonderful time of rubbish pick up along the beach—kudos to Ms McKeague for planning such a wonderful event.  R U OK day on Thursday, 10 September was successful.  Students wore yellow accessories and gave a gold coin to promote connection and positive mental health.  



Breakfast Club 2020

February 2020
It’s been an exciting start to 2020 as we welcome our new Year 7 students and families to ASHS.  We’ve launched our lunchtime clubs and look forward to a term of Drawing, Origami, Games, and much more!  Check out the tips below to improve your teen's sleep, as well as some great online resources!  Looking forward to a Great Term  ~  Jennifer


Helping Your Student Get Back into the Groove of School


Here's how to make sure your teen is getting enough sleep to stay healthy and do well at school.

  1. Limit screen time before bedtime
  2. Exercise for better sleep. ...
  3. Cut out the caffeine. ...
  4. Don't binge before bedtime. ...
  5. Have a good routine. ...
  6. Create a sleep-friendly bedroom. ...
  7. Talk through any problems. ..

It’s the start of the year and getting back into the groove of school can be tiring for both students/families.  Check out these great websites for parent/teen resources across a variety of topics. 



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