2020 - Student Services Newsletter Term 1 Week 4

Student Services


Welcome back to the 2020 school year.

The team in student services is here to support the students in all aspects of their schooling.

I would like to introduce the Student Services team for 2020:


Program Coordinator Student Services Years 10-12 Dianne Heinrich
Program Coordinator Student Services Years 7-9 Jason Seal 
Transition/Year 7 Coordinator Carrie Beeck
Year 8 Coordinator Meggie McKeague
Year 9 Coordinator  Nick Bew
Year 10 Coordinator Pia Gray
Year 11 Coordinator Malcolm Ellis
Year 12 Coordinator
Barry Longworth
Chaplain  Jennifer Wingard
School Psychologist
Renae Davies
Aboriginal Island Education Workers Jake Louthean and Mandi Khan 
School Nurse Helen Perry
Workplace Learning Coordinator Janice Ford and Pia Gray



Regular student attendance is vital for learning, as is keeping accurate attendance records. If your student is absent from school, please SMS, ring or send in a note as soon as possible. Many parents find the SMS system the easiest as it is portable and can be done on the day the student is sick.

SMS 0400 204 440

Phone 9841 0414

Email: student.albanyshs@education.wa.edu.au


Attendance Codes

When your child is absent, a reason must be recorded against their name. To assist you with information that you may receive from time to time in regards to attendance, the codes used by the Education Department are as follows:

U – Unexplained absence

X – Unacceptable reason

T – Truant

R – Reasonable explanation

E – Educational Activity

M – Medical/Sick bay

L – Late

C – Cultural/Religious

N – Notified as Sick

V – Vacation

K – Unauthorised Vacation

Z - Suspended


As is indicated by the codes, at times the reasons a student is absent isn’t considered acceptable. Some examples of unacceptable reasons for being absent are travelling to and from Perth if going away for the weekend, attending social activities during school time ie concerts, sporting events  etc. Parents are discouraged from taking their students on vacations during the school term and as such a vacation during the school term will generally be noted as a K code. There are occasions when a vacation during school time may be approved; however, this must be sought through the Principal prior to the vacation.

Teachers are not required to provide work to your child should you take them on a vacation during the school term.


Changes to Student Services

As of 2020, there are no clerical staff located in student services. Communications are now through the Liaison Office (the old Accounts Office). This is the first point of call for the majority of parent/student communications.


If parents have a pre-organised meeting with any of the student services staff, please sign in at the front of the school. The clerical staff will call through to student services and inform us you have arrived and send you up when we are available.

Parents are asked not to come directly to student services without signing in first.



Students are required to be in ASHS uniform every day. Should students arrive at school not in correct uniform, they will be asked to change into loan uniform. This will be recorded and could impact on good standing.

We are always looking for uniform to maintain our stock for loans and to assist needy families. If you have second hand items that your child no longer needs, please consider donating the items to the school.



ASHS maintains a stock of loan blazers which students may borrow for formal events. We are always on the lookout for blazers to add to our loan stock. If you have a blazer gathering dust, that you would consider donating or selling to the school, please contact Dianne Heinrich in student services.


Year 7

See attached photos of Year 7 BBQ.








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