2020 - Rechelle Hawkes

Rechelle Hawkes Visit
Whole School
Cate McDonald

Students from Years 9 to 12 were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to watch a presentation from three-time Olympic gold medallist Rechelle Hawkes who was visiting the school to promote Olympics Unleashed – a promotion of the 2020 Olympics.


The presentation mainly focused on her journey from a rural hockey player to captaining the Australian Women’s Hockey Team. Rechelle talked about how she dealt with the highs and the lows of her career with the focus on resilience when obstacles occurred.  Her main objective was for students to be motivated and inspired to be their personal best, whether it’s in the classroom, in the sporting arena, a field of interest or at home.


She showed us her Sydney 2000 Gold Medal and talked about the hard work that their coach at the time, Ric Charlesworth, made them do and the simple Japanese word, Kaizen, that he would say to them during half time talks to motivate them. The word simply means improvement.



@ 2019 Albany Senior High School