ASHS has begun to implement a new information system to make communication between home and school, parents and teachers, easier. Once fully operational, the new system, Compass, will replace a number of software packages that we have currently used to book resources, coordinate parent reporting nights, provide student results, academic and attendance information, to name just a few of the functions.

We are not happy to announce that our launch of Compass has been hindered by software issues. As a result, we will suspend using it as a communication tool until the issues have been resolved and we are satisfied with its functionality.

Communication with parents and the community will be via Facebook and our website. Most often, Facebook will announce information that has been made available, and copies of forms and other information will be stored on our website for you to access.


This week:

Information will go out regarding the parent night for Year 7 parents.

Next week:

Course assessment outlines will be given to students, if not already received.

In terms of uniform, we will be targeting leggings and working to ensure all ASHS students are in correct uniform. Students unable to attend in school uniform may go to Student Services to borrow approved items of clothing. Students who fail to do this, and do not seek a uniform pass, will have infractions recorded. These contribute to loss of good standing.

Soon, further information about after school study classes will be made available. Open to all year levels, these free sessions are a great resource for students to receive additional assistance.


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