Values Charter

The ASHS Values Charter assembly was held on the 25 May 2010 in the Auditorium. The charter is 5 basic values, which are the common agreed minimum expectations that underpin the life of our school. The School Council, President of the P+C, SSTUWA Representative, Committee Chairman, Staff Association, District Director, School Principal, Head Boy and Head Girl all signed an agreement during the Assembly to abide by the charter. The Charter is rooted in the five core shared values that are included in the curriculum framework.


After extensive consultations with staff, students and parents the 5 values represented in the charter are as follows:

  • We will seek knowledge with a willingness to learn from experiences and opportunities in order to understand ourselves, the wider community and the world around us.
  • We will acknowledge our own uniqueness and develop self-respect and dignity.
  • We will have care and compassion for others, respectfully recognizing that each person has equal worth and basic rights.
  • We will work together for the common good as a reflection of our Australian Democracy: we will speak up to protect the rights of other people and take individual responsibility for making our school a safe and vibrant place.
  • We will have respect and concern for our natural and human environment and recognise the need to care for our surroundings maintaining a balance that ensures sustainability.

The charter is a valuable set of rules that will help progress our community towards future success.

re success.


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