School Building Fund

The school has established a Tax-deductible Building Fund to support the planned improvement of the school buildings and grounds.  The school leaders and school board have endorsed the first project for this fund. It will be used for a project to cover the courts area between the gym and the bus shed with a roof and walls on two sides, with solar panels and electronic equipment, such as a public address system and scoreboards. The benefits of this project would include:


  • An undercover area for HPE classes before and during the school day.
  • An area for students to use during winter that is protected from the wind and rain, during break times.
  • An area where a whole school assembly can be conducted with parents invited and students showcased through performances at events such as NAIDOC Week, ANZAC Ceremony and Awards ceremonies.
  • With a bank of solar panels, the ongoing cost of power (10% of operating budget) would be reduced, and
  • The venue can be hired out to the community for an income stream to support school projects.


This is a significant project valued at $2 million and will take time to come to fruition. Every contribution will count and the school will be exploring grants and other avenues to add to this fund to enable us to provide this valuable facility for our students now and into the future.  If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the building fund, please contact our Manager of Corporate Services on 9841 0404.


@ 2019 Albany Senior High School