Introduction to Health and Wellbeing at Home

Support for parents and carers

We are committed to ensuring all students are safe, supported, and able to continue their studies, whether at school or at home.


In times of worry and uncertainty, it is important to keep a positive sense of wellbeing in all aspects of life -physical, mental, social, and emotional.


Your child’s wellbeing can be influenced by what’s happening and the actions people take. In a safe and supportive environment, you can help to maintain your family’s wellbeing.


Use the link below to access information and resources that will promote your child’s wellbeing, explore support services, learn how to set up a productive learning environment, and coping resources for you as a parent/carer.



Support for children and young people

During these difficult times, maintaining a positive wellbeing may be a challenge.

It is important that you know how to cope with stress by using positive self-talk, exercise, eating healthy, connecting with friends, and finding ways to enjoy yourself.


Use the following link to access information and resources selected to promote your health and wellbeing.


We are looking forward to hearing how you use the resources in your own home, to promote a safe and supportive space. We will choose a favourite resource from the ‘learning at home’ website to share with you on the Albany Senior High School website page.




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