Prefects and Student Leaders

Student Leadership at Albany Senior High School

At Albany Senior High School, we have a commitment to developing young people. Student Leadership is one aspect of this development. Students have a range of opportunities to develop and exhibit leadership at ASHS. From class room roles, programs and initiatives, through sporting endeavour and academic pursuits, many students display leadership.

In order to provide formal opportunity, training, group development and a context for real learning, we have formal Student Leadership roles from Years 7 to 12.


Student Leaders 7-11

A nomination and voting process occurs annually during Term 2 from which the student leaders are selected. Student Leaders take up their role at the beginning of Term 3 for period of 12 months.


Year 12 Prefects

Year 11 students nominate themselves during Term 2 and following an election process take up their position during Term 3 as Prefect Elects.


2020 School Captains
Mary Hunter and Chris Van der Merwe with Ms Firth

2017 – 2018 Student Leaders

Year 7/8

Year 8/9

Year 9/10

Year 10/11


Brandi Ball

Skyy Baker

Hunter Ewen

Sarah Coetzer

Jarah McLennan – Head Boy

Hudson Bell

Tully Bew

Shantay Gray

Dean Crowley

Christine Murray- Head Girl

Zane Calleja

Darcy Howard

Charlie Ioppolo

Sascha Favas

Evan Ayres

Mia Collins

James Knowlson

Jacob Murray

Ewan O’Brien

Shane Buss

Skye Cordon

Jaden Marsh

Savannah Orzel Kopec

Jacques Radivojevic

Jonty Clark

Sara Hanbury

Grace Poole

Lachlan Puls

Sascha Roberts

Peter Ebert

Gwyn Manalo

Felicity Puls

Kale Randall

Pemba Spargo

Ashantae Faulkner

Ezra McGregor

Anne Turner

Nelson Stanborough

Bonnie Staude

Jarrad Inman

Devon Proudfoot

Tayeesha Weedon

Jeremy Staude

Somaya Toor

Mitchell Jones

Jessica Rogers

Hannah Wells

Fraser Wood

Patrick Webster

Jarra Kittow

Josephine Staude

Maya Wood



Sophie McDonald

Damon Thompson

Tom Wright



Candace Newcombe

Xiaofu Wang




Hannah Penson

Lilly Watkin




Eamon Pritchard





Bryce Taylor





Ellen Toussaint




@ 2019 Albany Senior High School