Albany Senior High School has created this COVID-19 section on our website to keep our community up to date with the necessary information to support your learning at home. Follow the links below to read about various topics.

4 April 2020 - To learn more, click on this Introduction to Health and Wellbeing at Home.
8 April 2020 - Week 2, Health and Well Being at home.  Click here to read more.

18 May 2020 - Reset Reconnect Refocus

4 April 2020 - With the increasing spread of COVID-19, countries around the world are implementing preventative measures. For some, it means the closure of schools and a movement towards remote learning with children transitioning to online lessons.  For more on this, head to their website by clicking the logo below.


7 April 2020 - With everything shifting to home learning, now is an excellent time to look at how you can create a plan to use your time wisely and minimise the stress.  A good schedule can be your best friend when learning at home.


The PowerPoint show below will guide you through how to make up a weekly schedule to cover everything you’ll need to survive.   You can also click these links to find a Blank Schedule and the Completed Example from the PowerPoint.


8 April 2020 - With the everyday changes and feelings of uncertainty and angst amongst our community, we would like to extend some mental health and wellbeing information to you all. Click here for some useful contacts, services, websites, and applications that provide helpful information on how to support your and your child’s mental health and wellbeing during this time.

8 April 2020 - Here in Student Services, we are here to support all of your health, social, emotional, and mental health needs, without judgement, discretely. There are several ways that you can access health and wellbeing support through the school, whether you are at school or learning from home. You can request support through your year coordinator, teacher, education assistant, the Liaison Office, or Student Services Program Coordinator. Alternatively, you can self-refer directly to the members of our Student Services team, including our School Psychologist, Health Nurse, and Chaplain.


Simply fill out the Self-Referral form here (available as a fillable PDF form). Download, complete, save and email it to the staff member directly, who will then make contact with you.


If you are not quite sure who would be the best person to discuss your issue with, send your form through to your Student Services Program Coordinator, who will then decide who the most appropriate Student Services member would be to support you.


NOTE:  To use the PDF you will need to open with Adobe Acrobat Reader – a free piece of software found here: .  Just be sure to untick the two boxes for Optional Offers unless you really want to add these and download Acrobat Reader.


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