Dux Awards

The Dux is the highest achieving student in each year group. For years 7-10, this is calculated through the subject grades entered into Reporting to Parents and a grade point average calculation. In Year 11, the Dux is determined using a combination of the ATAR predictor and the highest grade point average.


2019 Winners - Year 7

Proudly donated by ASHS P&C
Presented by Julie Brooks

Cecile O'Doherty & Adelie Bew

2019 Winner Year 8

Proudly donated by CBH Group
Presented by Wayne Austin

Lily Turbill

2019 Winner Year 9

Proudly donated by Steve Thomas MLC, Member for South West
Presented by Greg Stocks
Josephine Staude


2019 Winner Year 10

Proudly donated by Albany Ford and Albany Mazda
Presented by Wayne Austin
Zoe Taylor

2019 Winner Year 11

Proudly donated by Skillhire
Presented by Andrew Penson
Indigo Bew


@ 2019 Albany Senior High School